27.3. Tutorials and examples#

This page includes information on tutorials and examples to help you work with text from Trove.


Analysing keywords in Trove’s digitised newspapers

Example image

You want to explore differences in language use across a collection of digitised newspaper articles. The Australian Text Analytics Platform provides a Keywords Analysis tool that helps you examine whether particular words are over or under-represented across collections of text. But how do get data from Trove’s newspapers to the keyword analysis tool?

Examples from the GLAM Workbench#

Exploring text files harvested with the Trove Harvester

This notebook suggests some ways in which you can aggregate and analyse the individual OCRd text files for each article — look at word frequencies; calculate TF-IDF values.

Finding non-English newspapers in Trove

There are a growing number of non-English newspapers digitised in Trove. However, if you’re only searching using English keywords, you might never know that they’re there. This notebook analyses the language of a sample of articles from each newspaper to create a list of non-English newspapers.

Counting words and phrases in digitised books

This notebook provides a simple example of extracting word and ngram frequencies from the OCRd text of a digitised book using TextBlob and Wordcloud.

Recipe generator

In this notebook we use TextBlob to extract nouns, verbs, and sentences from the OCRd text of a 19th century cookery book. We try to clean things up a bit, using regular expressions to discard likely OCR errors. Then we recombine the various parts in random combinations to create delicious recipes for all occasions. Enjoy!

Other examples#