About this Guide#

The Trove Data Guide is being developed by Tim Sherratt as part of the ARDC Community Data Lab.

The published version is available at: http://tdg.glamworkbench.cloud.edu.au.

GLAM Workbench#

The Trove Data Guide is a companion to the Trove sections of the GLAM Workbench. While the GLAM Workbench provides tools and examples for working with data from Trove, this Guide digs deeper into the complexities to help researchers develop a critical understanding of Trove data – its limits and its possibilities.

Development and feedback#

More content will be added to the Trove Data Guide over coming months. To view work-in-progress see the development version and the project’s GitHub repository.

Suggestions for new topics are welcome – feel free to add an issue in the GitHub repository.